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The Mission

The 501c8 Impact Initiative mission is to bring awareness to Fraternal Benefit Societies and the education, resources, and funding that is
accessible to everyday people and communities.

As of 2022, about 50% of Americans have life insurance coverage.
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Among those who need life insurance but don’t have coverage, 60% report that the cost of life insurance is a major reason they aren’t covered.
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Less than 2% of people are aware that the 501(c)(8) category exists, potentially missing out on the opportunity to secure more affordable coverage and greater value for their investment in life insurance.
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Millions of people across America hold life insurance policies with for-profit companies, often simply because they are unaware that not-for-profit life insurance companies exist. Due to the limited advertising by fraternal benefit societies or 501(c)(8) entities, many remain uninformed about their options. Consequently, individuals tend to choose for-profit insurance providers.

While these for-profit companies are reputable, many big-name insurers have shareholders. This means their primary goal is to generate profits for these stakeholders. This focus often results in extensive advertising, leading to tens of millions of dollars in overhead and, frequently, higher premiums. In contrast, not-for-profit insurance companies, rather than spending tens of millions on advertising, redirect millions back to their members through benefits and programs. Armed with this information, we have the power to make informed decisions. Our mission is to ensure people recognize they have choices. Instead of their life insurance serving merely as a death benefit, they could opt for a policy enriched with programs they can utilize now.

Many individuals, having pre-existing medical conditions or having been declined by “for-profit” companies, believe they can’t qualify for coverage anymore. However, there are options for nearly any medical situation, and we can assist.

Another common misconception is that someone must visit their house and conduct a medical exam for coverage. In reality, there’s no need for a physical exam, house visits, and approvals are swift.

Our overarching goal is to make sure people are aware of these resources, enabling our communities to thrive even in challenging times. If 98% of people are unaware of this option, it suggests that at least 98% aren’t leveraging these programs.

We view this as a significant issue, and we’re committed to addressing it.