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The Impact

The impact created by 501(c)(8) not-for-profit life insurance companies is immense. These companies have been in existence for well over 100 years and are worth billions of dollars. Instead of allocating tens of millions to advertising, they reinvest millions back into their members.

Below are some of our favorite programs they offer, though this is not an exhaustive list:

Deals and Discounts Club: Members can access deals on everyday necessities, electronics, and other online shopping opportunities. Additionally, family-focused activities become more affordable with discounts on hotels, rental cars, theme parks, attractions, and much more.

Online Learning Enrichment: This includes hundreds of courses, such as Microsoft courses, Cybersecurity, Business Management, Project Management, Technology, and Finance (e.g., Understanding your 403b/IRA, Retirement Planning).

Parental Legacy Program: This offers monthly financial support to children under 18 if their parents, who are members, pass away. It also provides yearly financial assistance to significantly aid in college expenses.

Scholarship Program: Hundreds of competitive scholarships are awarded annually. The children and grandchildren of members are eligible to apply.

Family Fun Grants: Members can apply to visit fun attractions for free with their families and other local members, such as Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, local zoos, etc.

Important Document Preparation: A complimentary service that assists in drafting your will, power of attorney, and healthcare directives.

Illness Protection Program: This provides access to funds to cover bills and other expenses if you develop a serious illness and are unable to work.

Tuition Reimbursement: Offers funds to cover tuition costs, professional work certification course fees, textbooks, and more.

Community Grants: Provides funding to plan and organize hands-on, one-day volunteer projects/activities that directly benefit everyone associated with a school. This can support students, school staff, school grounds, and even additional projects that matter to you outside of school, such as drives, community beautification projects, and small construction projects.

The 501c8 Impact Initiative exists because we believe everyone should be aware of these programs. Without dedicated efforts to disseminate this information, fewer than 2% of people will have the opportunity to leverage these resources.