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Education, resources, and funding for everyday people and communities.

Fraternal Benefits Societies

Fraternal Beneficiaries Societies, classified by the IRS as 501(c)(8) not-for-profit insurance organizations, provide their members with an extensive range of complimentary benefits designed to empower both members and their wider communities. Becoming a member is simple, providing everyday individuals education, resources, grants, discounts, and more.

The Mission

The goal of the 501c8 Impact Initiative is to raise awareness about the existence of 501(c)(8) entities. By increasing this awareness, we can foster more partnerships that provide education, resources, and funding to the individuals and communities who need them the most.

The Impact

Every year, millions of dollars are allocated towards grants for local community initiatives, hundreds of scholarships, online enrichment courses, discount clubs, parental legacy programs, and more. The 501c8 Impact Initiative aims to enlighten individuals, organizations, schools, churches, businesses, and groups—both large and small—about this lesser-known category.

Connect and Get Involved

In our view, once you’re informed about this category and the free resources that accompany it, it’s only logical to consider whether becoming a member is right for you or if sharing this knowledge with others is beneficial. The 501c8 Impact Initiative seeks support in raising awareness. If you’re interested in becoming a member or simply wish to support the cause, please reach out. Every contribution makes a difference.