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Real Estate: Beyond the Sale

An astounding 97% of real estate agents leave their clients without guidance on protecting their new home after the sale. By offering in-house Mortgage Protection, you can increase referrals, retention, and revenue.

Exclusive Mortgage Protection for Real Estate: Elevate Your Client Services

By choosing to partner with us, you do more than sell houses—you build lasting relationships grounded in trust and enhanced security. Your clients will remember the agent who went the extra mile, who ensured their home was a safe haven for generations to come.

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Become a beacon in your industry by providing a holistic real estate service. Let’s collaborate to safeguard the dreams and homes of those you serve, and in doing so, elevate your practice to new heights of excellence and client loyalty.

Why Partner With A 501(c)(8) For Mortgage Protection?

As a real estate professional, your service to clients extends beyond the closing deal. It’s about providing a comprehensive experience that not only secures their new home but also protects their family’s future. This is where our partnership can add unparalleled value to your offerings.

Introducing a strategic collaboration designed to fortify your client relationships: by integrating mortgage protection from 501(c)(8) not-for-profit life insurance entities into your portfolio, you offer more than homes—you offer a legacy.

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Affordability Meets Security: Our connection with 501(c)(8) entities ensures your clients receive competitive rates, making the dream of comprehensive coverage a reality.

Customized Coverage: Whether your clients seek full mortgage coverage or a partial safety net, we offer flexible policies tailored to their needs—from 15 to 30 years.

Beyond the Sale Care: Stand out in the real estate market by providing a service that continues to protect your clients long after keys are exchanged.

How Does It Work?

When considering banking, many are familiar with for-profit giants like Bank of America and Wells Fargo. However, there’s another side: not-for-profit entities such as 501(c)(1) organizations, which include Federal Credit Unions like Navy Federal. These not-for-profit entities often provide members with more favorable rates and benefits, regardless of the size of their account.

Drawing a parallel to the life insurance sector, while many recognize names like State Farm and Metlife, a lesser-known category, 501(c)(8) or Fraternal Benefit Societies, exists. These are not-for-profit life insurance entities, distinct from their for-profit counterparts.

The advantage of these 501(c)(8) organizations is twofold. Firstly, without the burden of extensive advertising costs, they typically offer better rates. Secondly, members automatically get access to a range of benefits, all accessible without any additional fees.


The 501(c)(8) Not-For-Profit Life Insurance Advantage:

More Affordable Coverage

Because these life insurance companies are not-for-profit, they don't advertise and are typically more affordable than big name companies.

Scholarship Opportunities

Your clients children don't have to compete with every kid in America. They give away 300+ scholarships every year of $10,000 each.

Access to Grant Money

By simply being a member, your client will be able to apply for grants for thousands of dollars multiple times a year to do things in their community.

Deals and Discount Club

Unlock a world of savings for your clients with discounts on daily purchases, products, and services, enhancing their quality of life.

Tuition Reimbursement

Encourage professional development with tuition reimbursement for clients seeking certifications or further education.

Parental Legacy Program

If the children become orphaned, they will pay child support monthly up until age 18 and then give them up to $24,000 for college.

Important Docs Program

Offer peace of mind with complimentary will writing and power of attorney, underscoring your commitment to their family's well-being.

Online Enrichment Program

Provide free access to over 200 online courses, positioning your company as a resource for personal and professional development.

Fun Family Grants

Clients can create lasting memories with free access to amusement parks, movies, museums, shows, and more through simple grant applications.


Mortgage Protection

When people purchase homes, they typically seek to protect that investment with insurance. Mortgage Protection ensures that the family can still afford the home even after the death of an income earner. Unfortunately, the purchase of a new home often attracts 'insurance sharks' and can stir up confusion. We ensure that your clients are fully informed about all their Mortgage Protection options.

Traditional Insurance

We partner with Life Insurance Collaboratives (LIC) that offer mortgage protection as well as various forms of life insurance. Term, whole life, universal life, and accidental death policies are all available to meet your insurance needs. LIC prioritizes educating clients about life insurance options over the aggressive sales tactics commonly found in the insurance industry. Free policy reviews.

White Label Partnership

You will have the ability to apply your branding to the service. If you choose, our partners will represent themselves as working directly for your organization, thereby broadening the services you offer as a real estate agency or agent. Your clients will always remain your clients; our partners are simply here to enhance the work you've already done. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our organization.